Mission and History

Mission Statement: Da Vinci Art Alliance is an open arts organization that provides space and resources for artistic exploration and growth.

Vision Statement: Da Vinci Art Alliance (DVAA) is committed to promoting the arts and artists through exhibitions, programming, community outreach and access to critical resources which enable the arts and artists to thrive.  In order to achieve these goals, DVAA actively engages local and regional audiences by sharing its Philadelphia-based space with the community at large and developing partnerships with other artists, communities and organizations.  DVAA’s strength is gained by a large membership base consisting of approximately 150+ artists of all ages, ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds.  As DVAA continues to evolve and grow, it remains strongly committed to providing a resource where the arts may flourish and artists present their work free from commerciality and censorship.

History: The Da Vinci Art Alliance was founded in 1931 to serve the needs of artists and artisans and to promote the edification and appreciation of the arts. Our well-located building in South Philadelphia was purchased in 1959 to provide studio, and gallery spaces for its members and outreach for the community. We invite you to join us and donate or become a member of Da Vinci Art Alliance today!