Am I Blue?... or is it the color?

November 7 - November 25
Opening Reception: November 7 - 6-8pm

Blue, Azul, Cerulean Azure. Communicates honesty and loyalty, power and authority, stability and strength, patriotism and liberalism. Denotes masculinity and professionalism… refreshing, calm, blue skies and water, spirituality with Krishna or the Virgin Mary.  

Yet blue also represents sad emotions, Depression . Many a song has cried out its feelings of disappointment or feeling blue. When your life line of oxygen is cut, you turn blue… Interesting that something can represent such extremes as wealth or emptyness.  I choose the blue of the sky and the blue ocean.

Bio of the Artist:
Edna Santiago is a Certified Finecraft Artisan, Printmaker and Plastic Artist of Puerto Rico. Awards and recognition at fine arts shows include: PSC, Beauty, Art & Gift Gallery, and the front page of "Philadelphia Stories" Spring 2009 publication. Edna is a member of ARTsisters, Philadelphia FineCraft Guild, Philadelphia Sketch Club, Mainline Art Center, and Da Vinci Art Alliance. She was curated into the Delaware County Studio Tour 2016, 2018 as well as the Mainline Art Center, HGC and Narberth Spring Craft Fair. Edna is largely a self taught artist (who started due to personal loss in 2006), and has participated in local art schools such as: Mainline Art center, PAFA, Fleisher Art Memorial and Wayne Art Center.