Artist, Reader, Writer

October 3rd–14th

Opening reception:
Wednesday, October 3rd, 6–8pm

Closing reception:
Sunday, October 14th, 1–6pm

Open gallery hours:
Wednesdays 6–8pm
Saturdays + Sundays 1–5pm

Join us for DVAA's October Members Exhibition, Artist, Reader, Writer!

Perhaps it is romantic to imagine the lone, solitary artist. The fruits of their labors burst forth into creation like a Greek god born out of some comically ridiculous concept of divine biology. More often than not though, this is not the case. Now more than ever, artists are connected and informed. One could argue that this ease of communication and access to information encourages the proliferation of artistic discourse. Here at DVAA we are very interested in nurturing artistic discourse. To do this, conversations must be had! This exhibition will emphasize the relationship between artworks in the form of pairs, one visual and one written.

Participating artists:

Aaron Kalinay, Alan Lankin, Alden Cole, Angela Reed Breese, Arlene Solomon, Arthur B Ostroff, Barbara Dirnbach, Bill Timmins, Brigitte Knowles, Celeste Mann, Cinzia Sevignani, Colleen Brand, David Deakin, Deborah K. Simon, Dore Vorum, Edna Santiago, Eleanor Levie, Ellen Rosenberg, Emily Orzech, Felise Luchansky, Florence Weisz, Floyd Kelley, Frank Gaydos, Gary Grissom, Gloria Klaiman, James Morton, James Strickler, Jed Williams, Jennifer Brinton Robkin, John Pron, Jonathan Goldhill, Joseph Barbella, Judy Engle, Karen Stabenow, Katherine Kurtz, Kathleen Caputo Nelms, Lauren J. Sweeney, Leslie K. Brill, Leslie Sudock, Linda Dubin Garfield, Lynne Campbell, Marilyn Stubblebine, Mark Conti, MaryAnn L Miller, Michelle Haber, lOna Kalstein, Pamela Tudor, Patricia Mancini, Phyllis Anderson, Rachael Switalski, Rebecca Schultz, Regina Barthmaier, Roz Bloom, Rusty Eveland, Sally Richards, Salome Cosmique, Sam Koren, Samantha Connors, Sandi Lovitz, Sarah Carr, Sunjeon Grissom, Susan Gordon, Susan Stefanski, Taesook Jung, Ted Warchal, Tim Barton, Warren Veith, and Willard Johnson.