Join us now through October 30th for SIX, an exhibition of work organized by painter Barbara Sosson. The six featured artists all work in different mediums and themes and have been invited to participate based on the professional quality and maturity of their work.

Gallery hours are Wednesday 6-8p and Saturday & Sunday 1-5p.
704 Catherine St., Philadelphia.

Brad Carmichael

Bradford Carmichael graduated from Tyler School of Art in 2007, and is now pursuing an MFA at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

"Smoke Worm," 2016, oil and mixed media on six canvases, 50" x 144"

"Smoke Worm," 2016, oil and mixed media on six canvases, 50" x 144"

Artist statement:
"My paintings and sculptures investigate connection, exchange and travel. I explore this with  metaphor, such as the strata of the earth’s crust, sections of the atmosphere, the passage of time and mythology, and how they relate to different spaces at the site of human experience. Things which traverse these layers are used as exploration vehicles; parachutes, time-machines, Air Jordan sneakers, gods and more. These travel between separate places, bring things together into the same space, connect or separate them and facilitate exchange. I explore points along the paths these travel, and the places they go. This is approached using things which are around me in the studio, things which I spend a lot of time with, usually books on history, art, music, warfare, and myths, as well as what I see or experience everyday."

To see more of Brad's work please visit his website!

Rachel Citrino

"Through her art, Rachel Citrino celebrates the energy of color to move us and the power of primal forms and symbols to inspire."

"Achilles Betrayed," 2016, acrylic, gouache, and ink on Strathmore cold press, 73.5" x 44"

"Achilles Betrayed," 2016, acrylic, gouache, and ink on Strathmore cold press, 73.5" x 44"

"Citrino is a studio artist and an independent curator who keeps a busy schedule of exhibitions and leads artist retreats in Italy. She has exhibited paintings, sculpture and photographs in New York, Belgium, Italy, Brazil and Egypt and her work has been included in the National Museum in Warsaw as well as The Duchamp Commemorative Collection at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. 

She studied painting and sculpture at Fleisher Art Memorial and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, The Clay Studio and Psychology at Temple University.

She is the recipient of several exhibition awards and citations from The City of Philadelphia, Florence Italy and Millville, NJ. in addition to serving on the exhibition committee of RRCA she has also been an Executive Board Member of  The Da Vinci Art Alliance and served on the Design Team of Main Street Bridgeton and The Mayor’s Task Force of Millville, NJ.

Citrino served as Board President of the Da Vinci Art Alliance in Philadelphia from 2014-16 and the "Eleventh Hour Review" for the Critics Club sponsored by Moore College of Art in Philadelphia."

To see more of Rachel's work please visit her website!

Jack Ramsdale

"Gravel Pit," 2016, Archival glicee photographic print on museum rag paper, 28" x 40"

"Gravel Pit," 2016, Archival glicee photographic print on museum rag paper, 28" x 40"

"Jack has worked in Philadelphia PA as a commercial photographer providing high quality and innovative work for his clients. He works conscientiously to bring each image to a level that meets and exceeds expectations. His clear vision and clean approach to photography is one that will attain lasting quality for decades to come. When working with clients such as Architectural Record, The New York Times, or The Philadelphia Museum of Art, Jack approaches each assignment individually. His photographs of the Eastern State Penitentiary, which were selected by Architectural Record for the cover of their January 1993 issue, are a strong example of his ability to refine a composition that emanates the quintessence of a space and its history. For The New York Times Jack had documented Philadelphia neighborhood murals that involved capturing the artistic quality and story of the mural in addition to the architectural structure is was painted on. At the Philadelphia Museum of Art Jack shot images for various catalogs where obtaining the true likeness of original artwork was essential. Commercially Jack has developed virtual tours and panoramic photography. For White Plains Hospital he created a virtual tour of their Neonatal Maternity Ward which was used to advertise available features on their website. At Rutgers University Jack composed panoramic photographs of their various campuses that focused on campus life, highlighting the Organic Agricultural Program, the Law School, new facilities, and the environmental beauty of the school. In addition to these attributes, Jack formulates a finely tuned optimal photography processing that meets the specific needs of each clients visual media, whether printed publications, projected presentations, or virtual productions."

To see more of Jack's work and ongoing projects please visit his website!

Barbara Sosson

Philadelphia painter Barbara Sosson's work featured in "SIX" come from her recent series entitled
"Spatial Markings."

"CMYK," Color Mode Series, 2016, oil and graphite on canvas, 60" x 48"

"CMYK," Color Mode Series, 2016, oil and graphite on canvas, 60" x 48"

Artist statement:
"This series is about marks in opposing forces creating spatial contradictions. I have been painting for over fifty years and was originally schooled as an academic painter who from time to time moves away from the use of imagery. As much as I like representational painting, non-objective work gives me a deeper feeling of satisfaction and a broader range of self expression. This series, unlike some of my past abstract paintings, is not about landscape or environmental imagery but rather is about marks on various planes, textures, and finishes.The oil paintings usually begin with a painterly mass into which marks are created and over painted. The results are a pairing of thick verses thin, hard verses soft, geometric verses organic masses. 

My 2016 work began with a new series about color modes. A theme I am familiar with since I have supported my long career with a design business specializing in fine art reproduction and now web for the arts. Although there are a number of obvious contemporary influences in these non-objective paintings one of my earlier favorites is Richard Diebenkorn. 

The play of opposites is especially evident here with the hard vs soft use of paint and shapes. Here my academic training incorporates my love of drawing with the use of linear carbon edges around the color masses and an added multi-dimensional effect by a subtle use of shadows."

To see more of Barbara's work please visit her website!

Scott Weingarten

"Upside Down," 2016, Digital photograph on plexiglas, 40" x 28"

"Upside Down," 2016, Digital photograph on plexiglas, 40" x 28"

Artist statement: 
"I have a degree in both Fashion Illustration and Fine Arts. I have studied photography with a mentor for six years. Learning Photoshop and different photography techniques helped me to grow tremendously in my art career. I use my fine arts talent in my photography.

I have started to do studio work for about four years now. For this particular body of work I photographed models using different techniques with various props chosen at random.

I have always been fascinated by photographing people and abstracting them in the most bizarre ways possible. This series shows the models somehow hidden behind objects and others with their candid thoughts.

I’ve looked inside my vivid imagination and felt their thoughts in an edgy supernatural world. My portraits show people in harmonious situations. My photographs bring my inner thoughts back to life showing my youth through soulful creativity. Due to popular demand I have also incorporated architecture and landscapes into my series of work."

To see more of Scott's work please visit his website!

Please visit us at the gallery now through October 30th to see more from these talented artists!