The Three Realms

Join us now through November 27th for 'The Three Realms.'
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Close to a decade ago a group of women came together after wishes sent out to the universe were returned tenfold. Strong women. Supportive women. The three of us sharing our work in one space may at first seem odd to those who know our work individually. It may have seemed odd to some of us. The energies of each bounce off of the others in ways that balance and energize, and these play out in our art.

The title “The Three Realms” comes from thinking about the trio in terms of art, history, and literature. The concept of Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory was an obvious one to pursue. One can see the roots connecting each artist to one realm when studying the works, despite branches into all three. When it was discovered that the Celtic view of the Otherworld consisted of three distinct realms of land, sea, and sky, it felt right. In the Celtic view, the three realms overlap and combine in a way to make up the whole of existence. 

Sarah R. Bloom’s work explores concepts of aging and death with an overarching darkness to connote the depths of the sea and, perhaps, a longing for the past. Denise Perri’s art is punctuated with drawings of trees and images of the street—raw, gritty, and grounded in reality on earth even while dreaming in clouds. And finally, Denise Mihalik’s images of angels could call to mind no other realm, yet many may have the clipped wings of fallen souls. The three artists overlap and combine in a way to make up the whole. This is a never-ending dialogue seeking balance in what is often a very difficult reality.

Sarah R. Bloom

"I have been taking self-portraits as my primary form of artistic expression since 2006. The exploration of identity as a woman entering middle age has emerged as a persistent theme in my work, most expressively with my self-portraits in abandoned places.

I am seeking to adapt to my changing body, mindset, and circumstances. I see myself as an extension of these abandoned spaces, using them as an echo of the push/pull of our identity as we age. There is light and dark, sadness and beauty, fear and acceptance, a folding into and a pushing out all at once. Through my art, I am continually exploring my own emotional and often painful reactions to this process. I make a defiant push against the inevitable yet long for acceptance. I work towards reclaiming my place in the world and defining my mid-life as one of transformation rather than crisis."

"Some Revelation at Hand" - Sarah Bloom

"Some Revelation at Hand" - Sarah Bloom

Sarah R. Bloom is an artist and photographer working in the Philadelphia region. Her photos have been featured in The Daily Mail, Philadelphia Magazine and The Huffington Post. Philadelphia Magazine named her Best Visual Artist in their 2015 Best of Philly Issue. In October 2015, Instagram flew her out to L.A. to take part in a pop-up art exhibit celebrating inspiring women and was featured in The Huffington Post's “28 Badass Women to Follow on Instagram.” Sarah is the Philadelphia Chapter Women's Caucus for Art President and a current member of InLiquid, Da Vinci Art Alliance, and The Philadelphia Photo Arts Center.

Denise Perri

"I don’t usually make art when I’m happy. My marks represent one of two things; my unresolved feelings/emotions regarding a circumstance or situation or person, or frequencies/vibrational shifts I pick up on from an outside source. My marks convey where I am in the process of “resolving” those feelings or interpreting those vibrational shifts at that particular moment. Art is therapy for me. Making marks is a therapeutic process of letting go. Get it out, put it down, set it free, let it go, make space for (the) healing. My decision making process is very organic and intuitive. I don’t think too much, or at all, ideally. I move from instinct and let colorways, tools, and materials “choose” me. I very rarely “see” where I’m going, the subject matter reveals itself to me throughout the mark-making process. The “story” is told primarily through abstraction and figurative representations. I have very little attachment to my finished pieces. Once the piece is completed, it’s time for me to move on." 

Close up from "Sophia" - Acrylic, ink, presto, graphite, micron, pigment, relief, on canvas. 24x24. Denise Perri

Close up from "Sophia" - Acrylic, ink, presto, graphite, micron, pigment, relief, on canvas. 24x24. Denise Perri

Denise Perri is a visual artist living in Philadelphia. A documentary-style portrait photographer, illustrator, painter, and mixed media artist, Denise is a lifelong lover of the image. Her work is influenced by both street and spiritual alike. Life. Love. (he)Art.

Denise Mihalik 

“Art is why I get up in the morning, though the definition ends there. Doesn’t seem fair; I am living for something I can’t even define.” - Ani DiFranco

"I find joy and peace in the process of creating. I have been a maker for as long as I can remember. I find inspiration everywhere and in everything. My friends and family inspire me. Bridges, Deibenkorn, museums, words, emotions, and my children all serve as catalysts to my creative. If there is a minute in the day available, I am using it to make something.

I have been painting angels all of my life. I believe angels are always around — to remind us of our power, our strength, our struggles, our divine, and our humanity. Angels have always appeared in my work and often I have no intention of painting them — they force their way through and make themselves known. Art is my gift. Art helps me to breathe. It keeps me focused and sane and real and grounded.

Almost all of my work is mixed media. I paint on wood, canvas, paper and often collage over work with tissue paper, transferred images, sharpie, vine charcoal, and india ink. I love black. For me, the process is about trust, and let go, and my gut. The process is the art and the art is the process."

Denise Mihalik is a painter, mixed media artist and photographer living in Cherry Hill. She holds a BFA with a painting concentration. Over the years she has been a mentor, a workshop leader, and an instructor. Mihalik’s work graces the homes and businesses of many across the tristate area. She works in the education field during the day as a photographer and fills her nights and weekends with art, creativity, teaching, refinishing furniture, painting, and photography.

A closing reception will be held Sunday November 27th 1-5p!