Second Language: An Open Call Exhibition with Guest Juror Dr. J. Susan Isaacs

A big 'Thank You!' to all those who joined us last Wednesday for the opening of our August exhibition "Second Language." We are very pleased by the quality of work and conscientious effort on the part of all artists who submitted; both members and non-members alike. Many thanks also go to our guest juror Dr. J. Susan Isaacs, Professor of Art History and Curator at the University of Maryland, who selected three prize winners from among the nearly 50 talented artists who submitted work. 

For "Second Language," artists were asked to use creative expression to cross boundaries of language in order to communicate when spoken dialogue fails. Congratulations to Daniel Cappello, Martha Hope Carey, and John James Pron who have been selected by our juror as the artists who best exemplified this theme!

Daniel CappelloFirst Prize

"I'm influenced by the geometry of Islamic art and architecture and its attempt to capture grace without representation. I'm interested in the way biologic and geologic forces create pattern, rhythm and form. Through my inquiry of these, I hope to create my own unique visual language."

"Accumulation in Charcoal," Charcoal on Paper, 30" x 40"  

"Accumulation in Charcoal," Charcoal on Paper, 30" x 40"  

Martha Hope CareySecond Prize

On this submitted work:
 "Painted after the mass shooting in 2008 at Virginia Tech, and after listening to an essay on the radio by a psychiatrist who worked with patients at a hospital in Massachusetts who were severely depressed and also, at times, violent. The doctor wrote about one patient with whom she had worked, a young man who strove to make any social connection that might take him out of his world of depression and anger, and who she thought was making some small progress when he reached out to someone online, a possible friend, but he killed himself soon after this. She wondered what he had no words for that despair or death provided to him, and "what he found, why he fled." I wondered the same of the Virginia Tech shooter, and what it may be like inside a mind in so much pain that there is no language except violence."

"Why He Fled," Oil on Canvas, 36" x 36"

"Why He Fled," Oil on Canvas, 36" x 36"

John James PronThird Prize

On his submitted work:
"Architecture making a social statement: Philadelphia's eminent art schools produce outstanding grads who then have so little opportunity to successfully practice their art.  The fraudulent promises of a facade.  Poor preparation for a lifetime as a barista."

"philadelphiaBURNOUT #7: PAFA Graduation," Mixed Media Collage and Drafted Drawing, 21" x  21"

"philadelphiaBURNOUT #7: PAFA Graduation," Mixed Media Collage and Drafted Drawing,
21" x  21"

Join us at the gallery Wednesdays from 6-8p and Saturday & Sunday 1-5p to see these pieces as well as work from these talented artists: 

Aaron Kalinay, Alden Cole, Allison Ellinger, Barbara Dirnbach, Bill Myers, Charles Schultz, Dante G. Celia, Dawn Kramlich, Emily Daley, Floyd Kelley, Gary Grissom, Gerard Brown, Hugo Hsu, Jennifer Brinton Robkin, Jill Cucci-Smith, Katherine Kurtz, Katherine Weber, Leslie Brill, Leslie Sudock, Lilliana S. Didovic, Linda Garfield, Maria Keane, Marius Metodiev, Mark Krull, Mary Brady Begnardi, Matthew Kirby, Nancy Herman, Nancy Kress, Nina Klein, Pamela Tudor, Rachael Switalski, Rosalie Wetzel, Rosalind Bloom, Sandi Lovitz, Susan DiPronio, Susan Richards, Susan Wallack, Tania Sen, Uta Fellechner, Veronica Cianfrano

"Second Language" runs until August 28th!

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