Meet Artist Member Paige Lizbeth Morris!

Interview with Paige Lizbeth Morris, Member since 2016

DVAA: Introduce yourself!

PLM: I am a Philadelphia-based glass and mixed media sculptor. I earned a BFA in Glass from Tyler School of Art in 2012 and also studied at various programs in the U.S. under scholarship. I am an adjunct professor at Salem Community College and Tyler School of Art. I am also a glass fabricator and assistant to several artists. I have a private, shared studio in South Philly where I work on my own projects. When developing my work, I consider my memories of my adolescence with my present-day identity to create narratives. I like to work experimentally and utilize techniques that reveal the power of objects and activate familiar feelings.

                                   "Allure," found object, glass

What projects are you currently working on? 

I am currently working on a body of work titled 'Something Blue' which will culminate in a solo exhibition in September at DaVinci Art Alliance. 'Something Blue' is a body of work I have been developing since 2013 which has evolved throughout the past three years. The work focuses on the examination of media-portrayal of women in an endless search for romance and will be comprised of glass and mixed media sculpture and installation.

                             "Sarah," glass, found object, hair

What inspires your work?

I draw inspiration from a lot of different things. For the current body of work I am focused on, I am considering my own personal narratives while simultaneously drawing inspiration from my family's perception of relationships. I do a lot of research on the gender binary and the sociological aspects of romance, which also informs my work. My work is also informed by imagery from mass media such as movie stills, as well as the kitsch. I am also inspired by bubblegum pop music, the names of pink paint, lace, and hair.

                               "To Touch," found object, glass

Is there anything else you would like people to know?

I am very excited to have my first solo exhibition since 2012 at DaVinci Art Alliance this September, and I hope you can stop by when the exhibition is up to see my work in person.

Check out more of Paige Lizbeth Morris' work at her website, and on Instagram!