Meet Artist Member Juliannah Francina Harrison!

Interview with Juliannah Francina Harrison, Member since 2016

DVAA: Introduce yourself!

I am an illustrator, curator, program manager, and teacher. A California born gypsy to a family of modern nomads and movers and shakers. My work consists of family, ancestors, and the trend breaking youth. I enjoy asking too many questions in a mission to being helped or helping others open new doors of creativity.

                 "Taurus," Juliannah Francina Harrison

                 "Taurus," Juliannah Francina Harrison

What projects are you currently working on?

A few comic book stories that will be printed several pages at a time, zine style!

Look out for Saul & Matcha, Elite, and Mother's.

                           Juliannah Francina Harrison

                           Juliannah Francina Harrison

What inspires your work?

My family and ex-boyfriends.

               "Good Hair," Juliannah Francina Harrison

               "Good Hair," Juliannah Francina Harrison

Is there anything else you would like people to know?

This recently caught my attention:

"A leader isn't just defined by their confidence and ability to execute tasks. A leader keeps a focus of their audience and their mission."

Check out more of Juliannah Francina Harrison's work at her website, on Instagram, and at:

40th Street Artist-in-Residence Program: 4013 Chestnut St.