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SoLow Fest - Cinematic Human

Created by Jess Conda, Directed by Mary Tuomanen

Chris Davis, script consult and dramaturgy; Alex Bechtel, musical arrangement

What happens if a woman leaves what is known and expected of her in order to explore what is unknown? What is more Extraordinary, staying or leaving? A work in progress showing of Jess Conda’s first solo show. Conda channels the essence of Katerina Ivanovna Marmeladov, a minor character in Dostoevsky's classic novel Crime and Punishment. Katerina suffers a tragic alcoholic marriage, poverty, consumption, and the heartaches of raising children with not enough means. She learns to cope. She’s a badass bitch about it. Part music performance, part liberation party, the show will weave original rock songs in a concert performance that elevates this character to her unsung greatness.

Earlier Event: June 25
SoLow Fest - Post-April
Later Event: June 27
drop off members exhibition 4-6pm