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Third Thursday Salon- The Art of Social Media

Erica Minutella, freelance social media consultant

Social Media is a space where creativity trumps marketing know-how, even when using it
to promote your business. This is why it's the perfect avenue for artists to share - and sell
- their work to a larger audience. Learn how to effectively use your creativity to share the
right content to each social channel and build your online visibility

Short Bio:
Born and raised in South Philadelphia, Erica Minutella spent her childhood immersed in
imaginary worlds populated by mythical creatures andStar Warscharacters. She took
that early fascination with the strange and unusual and directed it towards a completely
impractical career path. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania's program in
English Literature, she delights in slipping in nerdy pop-culture references while writing
and editing for local, arts-related publications and serving as a freelance social media
consultant. Her passion projects can be found in the form of fictional publications,
including a short story that appeared in The Philly Anthology (Volume 1), and a poetry
collection, Rejected Poetry, published to Amazon Kindle. With a goal of eternally falling
more in love with Philadelphia, she remains active as a volunteer for organizations like
InLiquid Art + Design, Da Vinci Art Alliance, and Philly Makers Meetup.