Legal Issues for Artists

Thursday, November 15, 2018 at 7 PM – 8:30 PM

DVAA presents our next iteration of the Third Thursday Salon Series

Legal Issues for Artists
- With Attorneys Lori Landew, Esq. and Laura Solomon, Esq.

Attorneys Lori Landew, Esq. and Laura Solomon, Esq. will highlight the most common legal issues for artist and provide useful tools, using examples from their private practices.

Attendees will:
1. Understand the difference between being an employee an independent contractor, and what it means for protecting your work
2. Learn how to find a “fiscal sponsor” for a project, to accept charitable grants;
3. Explore artist legacy foundations;
4. Learn about protecting your art through copyright;
5. Know the costs and benefits of registering a trademark to protect your brand.

Transformed by Heat

Friday, November 2, 2018 at 5 PM

Transformed by Heat - a pop-up exhibition hosted @ DVAA in Gallery 1 - November 2nd - 4th

Transformed by Heat is an exhibition celebrating beeswax and clay, two beautiful earthen materials that are transformed into art through the use of heat. This show is a collaboration of two artists, their passion for creating, and their desire to share these ancient art forms.

Artwork in various media by DVAA members Sandra Koberlein and Gail Scuderi

Solid Universe Theory

On view November 7th - 30th
Opening Reception: Friday, November 9, 2018 from 5pm
Artist Talk/Closing Gathering: Wednesday, November 28, 6:30 pm

A solo exhibition of work by Martha Hope Carey

The title of Carey’s exhibition, Solid Universe Theory, comes from an idea explored in a short story by writer Cixin Liu about beings in another universe coming to understand that their theory of reality is entirely wrong -- that the solidity they see all around them is not infinite, but exactly the opposite. Artist Martha Hope Carey read the story as a metaphor for many things, especially the experience of making meaning in a time where things around us seem suddenly and radically different from the past. The metaphors are applicable at the personal or artistic level as well, especially when considering the notion that a ‘solid universe’ (encountered any time one approaches a canvas) is transformed by an artist’s own unique physics.


Am I Blue - or is it the color?

On view November 7th - 25th
Artist Reception: Friday, November 9th from 5-8pm

A solo exhibition of work by DVAA member Edna Santiago

In the words of Edna Santiago: “Blue, Azul, Cerulean, Azure. This color communicates honesty and loyalty, power and authority, stability and strength, patriotism and liberalism. Denotes masculinity and professionalism… refreshing, calm, blue skies and water, spirituality with Krishna, or the Virgin Mary. Alternatively, blue also represents sad emotions like depression. Many a song has cried out its feelings of disappointment, or ‘feeling blue.’ When your life line of oxygen is cut, you turn blue… Interesting that something can represent such extremes as wealth or emptiness. I choose the blue of the sky and the blue ocean."


Alan Lankin and Scott Cirlin at Atria

Founded in 1931, Da Vinci Art Alliance (DVAA) is a non-profit art organization headquartered in Bella Vista, Philadelphia. Da Vinci Art Alliance (DVAA) strives to provide artists with a community that fosters artistic expression and growth through exhibitions and programs. This year, DVAA is proud to partner with Atria Senior Living, showcasing several exhibitions featuring DVAA members throughout the year. Each exhibition will showcase several artworks from two to three DVAA members and run for approximately six weeks each.

This month, artists Alan Lankin and Scott Cirlin showcase paintings on canvas.

On view October 31 - November 30


DVAA @ IHP:Truth + Image

Through December 15th
East Alcove Gallery, International House
3701 Chestnut St.

Open Hours: 9am–5pm

Join us at 6pm immediately prior to the reception Sept 4th for Deep Dive: Ingmar Bergman. More information can be found here.

Over the next few months, International House will be featuring the work of two master storytellers, Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman and Czech animator Jiri Trnka. As with so many master artists, these two breathe life into the characters they create—and the worlds they inhabit. The artistic visions of Bergman and Trnka ultimately explore the multitude of triumphs and despairs that characterize the human condition. However universal the experiences of human nature can be, truly talented artists are marked by their ability to impart new perspectives onto their audiences.

This open call exhibition, juried by Bryant Girsch, features artwork that absorbs, captivates, transfixes, and ultimately delivers the viewer to newly imagined destinations. Whether surreal or abstract, documentation or lyrical, visual artwork often reveals much about the artist.