Look At US  -  Gallery 1
Comments on current and historical events by:

  • Colleen Gahrmann: ceramics, sculpture, mixed media and photographic installations
  • Charlotte Schatz: drawings, painting, prints and sculpture
  • Sarah Bloom: photography and mixed media
  • Rosalind Bloom: transfer print and mixed media “paintings”

Hosted at DVAA - July 6th - 29th

     Opening Reception: Friday, July 6th,  from 6-8pm
     Artist Reception: Sunday July 22nd,  from 1-5pm,
                  (Artist Talks start at 2pm.)

Taking on the role of curator for the first time, Rosalind Bloom has invited three other artists to join her in an exhibition of work that addresses issues of public concern. The art created by these women acknowledges and explores their own privilege, opens up a dialogue on issues of continued relevance such as gender inequality, other past and present social injustices, and the history of American racial tensions. In the face of hatred and oppression we all need to own our own complicity. Join us as we share, listen and discuss. Each artist will show new work that continues to investigate a given theme or medium.

The City & The Sea - Gallery 2
    Photographs by Eric Schaeffer

Hosted @DVAA - July 6th - 21st
      - in tandem with a dual exhibition at Jed Williams Gallery

(UPDATE: The co-exhibit at JWG is now delayed until further notice due to unforeseen circumstances.)

Opening reception: July 6th, 6-8pm @ DVAA

"My City and Sea images are a study in contrasting forms, shapes and colors. The views of the Atlantic Ocean seem endless on the shores of Long Beach Island. I find a certain serenity watching the sand and sea fade off into the horizon when walking along the coast. These peaceful scenes are a reminder of nature’s beauty. I have a contrasting feeling of place while walking the streets of old Philadelphia. Instead of endless vistas I am drawn to scenes just across the street. The interplay of rectangles and sharp lines of the man made world are softened by age and become a foil for nature asserting itself when tree shadows are cast onto building facades. The Sea, completely natural and the City seemingly opposite but still connected to nature." 
     - Eric Schaeffer