Images by Donghee (Amy) Oh and Jordi Sabate

Images by Donghee (Amy) Oh and Jordi Sabate

Where I Dwell; Memory, Place, and Home - Gallery 1

Hosted at DVAA, May 16th - 30th

This invitational exhibition showcases artists who are creating new work that explores memories of place and home, both those they left behind and or those they inhabit now. Home could be interpreted as country and geographic location, as well as the physical and emotional memories they attached to places which have played a significant role in their lives and in how they remember them. This included people, places and things. Implicit in this is the journey we undertake to establish those places we come to call home and how this journey comes to shape our identities and us. We will be collaborating with Casa De Duende and 12 Gates Arts on this exhibit.

Artists: Maggie Lee, Tiantian Li, Enzhao Liu, Anahita Mekanik, Alicia Andrea Mino G., Bernardo Morillo, Donghee (Amy) Oh, Jordi Sabate

Kaleidoscope City: Visions of Duality - Gallery 2
Max Victor Alper

Hosted @ DVAA - May 16th - 27th

Fine art photographer Max Victor Alper will debut his new series of city scenes, Kaleidoscope City: Visions of Duality at the Da Vinci Gallery in May 2018. People in the photos react to the random events of urban life in New York City and Philadelphia with vulnerability or strength, frenzy or calm, sadness or joy. The photographs are presented in pairs (diptychs) – one realistic and the other fantasy. The first image of each diptych is a straightforward recording of physical reality whereas the second metamorphosed image (digitally enhanced) of the same scene defies aesthetic norms and challenges the viewer's perceptions. The rhythm of the series moves from mood to mood – like a kaleidoscope – with shifting depictions and with a casual syncopation that groups images by related themes. The varied, yet unified, subject matter gains emotional power through contextual and stylistic contrast.

The photographs of Max Victor Alper have been shown in over 160 exhibitions in the United States and Europe. His work is included in major museum and private collections. He received his Ph.D. from New York University, where he later served as a faculty member and administrator.