Ends September 12th

Artist reception:
Saturday, August 25th, 1-5pm

Open gallery hours:
Wednesdays 6–8pm
Saturdays + Sundays 1–5pm

DVAA is proud to host Pareidolic Expanses, an exhibition of work by Orlando Saverino-Loeb. 

Saverino-Loeb’s process is dependent on the speed and freedom involved in the making of the pieces. The colors and sense of light that he uses in the paintings are highly influenced by his extended stays throughout Italy. Using primarily acrylic paint and an airbrush, he slowly builds out an environment for the mind that one might be able to enjoy and explore for many hours on end. Viewing the paintings, one experiences pareidolia—a sensation where the brain finds images in a pattern when they are not there.


September 5th–23rd

Opening Reception:
Wednesday, September 5th, 6–8pm

Open gallery hours:
Wednesdays 6–8pm
Saturdays + Sundays 1–5pm

DVAA is proud to host Shelter, a collaborative exhibition with Philadelphia Sculptors. The artworks address the theme of “shelter,” and submitting artists were free to communicate their intent with any three-dimensional media of their own choosing. Points of view range from the personal to the political—and everything in between. The theme of refugees and immigration resonated with many of the artists, and a number of them use their work to present a shared desire to create a safe haven for people fleeing unsafe environments. The nurturing and protective side of the natural world is represented by nests and trees, while its destructive side is shown through allusions to climate-driven calamities. No matter what the perspective, the art in Shelter draws attention to many urgent issues confronting us today.

Juror Elaine Crivelli is an artist and curator. Having spent many years away, she brings the benefit of her wide-ranging academic, artistic, and curatorial experience back with her as she returns to Philadelphia.


September 16th–October 28th

Opening reception:
Sunday, September 16th - 1-5pm

Open gallery hours:
Wednesdays 6–8pm
Saturdays + Sundays 1–5pm

*The opening reception for this exhibition has moved from Saturday, September 15th to Sunday, September 16th at 1pm

Da Vinci Art Alliance invited all artists working on or with paper to submit to DVAA’s first Works on Paper competition juried by Philadelphia’s own, Moe Brooker. This exhibition features the diverse and tactile nature of work with and on paper.

Moe Brooker is a contemporary American abstract painter. His brilliantly colored abstract works are characterized by a varied array of mark-making and recessive space, with layered, juxtaposed patterns and a lively sense of formal invention. Brooker has exhibited widely, earning honors such as the Governor’s Award for Artist of the Year from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the Medal of Achievement from the Philadelphia Art Alliance. Brooker was the first Bob Fox Distinguished Professor at the Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia. Brooker continues to live and work in his hometown of Philadelphia, PA.

Presented as part of the 2018 Fringe Festival and during Philadelphia Open Studio Tours (POST).


September 28th–30th

Artist Reception:
Friday, September 28th, 6–8pm

Open gallery hours:
Saturday + Sunday 1–5pm

DVAA is proud to host American Realism, a pop-up exhibition of artwork by DVAA artist member Eric Schaeffer. 

Inspired by artists from Edward Hopper to Richard Estes and William Eggleston, these photos depict scenes of urban America. Schaeffer particularly focuses on old city Philadelphia and other cities in the Northeast. Often the photos are taken in the afternoon, an homage to the lighting in Hopper’s work, and readily serve as a comment on America’s aging cities.


DVAA @ IHP:Truth + Image

September 4th–December 15th

Opening Reception:
Tuesday, September 4th, 7pm
East Alcove Gallery, International House

3701 Chestnut St.

Open Hours: 9am–5pm

Join us at 6pm immediately prior to the reception Sept 4th for Deep Dive: Ingmar Bergman. More information can be found here.

Over the next few months, International House will be featuring the work of two master storytellers, Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman and Czech animator Jiri Trnka. As with so many master artists, these two breathe life into the characters they create—and the worlds they inhabit. The artistic visions of Bergman and Trnka ultimately explore the multitude of triumphs and despairs that characterize the human condition. However universal the experiences of human nature can be, truly talented artists are marked by their ability to impart new perspectives onto their audiences. 
This open call exhibition, juried by Bryant Girsch, features artwork that absorbs, captivates, transfixes, and ultimately delivers the viewer to newly imagined destinations. Whether surreal or abstract, documentation or lyrical, visual artwork often reveals much about the artist. 


DVAA @ Atria:Priscilla Bohlen

September 6th–October 13th

Opening Reception:
Thursday, September 6th, 4–6pm
Atria Center City, 150 N 20th Street

"I work in acrylic with matte medium on canvas. Recently, my series are several large canvases hung together end to end. Yet, each canvas can stand alone. The images are recognizable as vegetation or landscape, but are abstracted, reflecting my own reality. I am inspired by nature and plein air paintings to create art that is different from anything I have seen before. Painting is a way to search for mood and drama, to create a positive response. The painting dictates what it needs and the painting tells me when it is finished."   ——Priscilla Bohlen