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Then and Here - a two-person exhibition - May 1st - 12th, 2019
hosted @ DVAA in Gallery 1

Mixed media works by DVAA board member Linda Dubin Garfield
and photography by DVAA member Susan DiPronio
- Public Opening Reception: Wednesday, May 1st, 6- 8 pm
- Public Closing Reception: Sunday, May 12th, 3- 5 pm

Garfield's works on paper and DiPronio's photographs are inspired by memories and memoirs. In conjunction with this exhibit, Garfield has organized mixed media workshops for residents of Atria Senior Living Life Guidance Memory Care Unit. The work created by these residents is included in the exhibit. The opening reception is also a birthday party for Garfield, and in lieu of gifts, she is requesting donations to the Dementia Society of America. A representative from the organization will be at the opening/birthday party with materials for distribution. This exhibit is organized by

Pretty and Gritty.jpg

South Philly: Pretty and Gritty - hosted @ DVAA in Gallery 2

A juried open call for artwork of all mediums celebrating the flavors, colors, and communities that make South Philly so unique and vibrant! Juried by Jason Chen, Paradigm Gallery + Studio.

Exhibition dates: May 8th - 30th 2019
- Public Opening Reception: May 8, 2019 6-8pm

(Prize recipients will be selected by Councilman Mark Squilla, Philadelphia City Councilman - District 1.)

1st prize - $150 cash
2nd prize - 1 year Premium Membership ($125 value)
3rd prize - 1 year General Membership ($75 value)

“This open call is really just celebrating this area of the city and what unique flavors you taste, colors you see, people you run into… It’s a celebration of where we exist and a love letter to South Philadelphia.” - Jarrod Markman, DVAA Executive Director

Jason Chen is originally from Guangzhou, China. He received his BFA in Animation from the University of Arts in 2008. Jason is a Philadelphia based Photographer specializing in Fashion, Editorial, and Alternative Process Photography. He is the Co-Founder of Paradigm Gallery + Studio and Juggling Wolf (a film and animation production studio). Jason’s work has been displayed in galleries and venues including: Paradigm Gallery + Studio, Crane Arts, The Light Room Gallery, Trust Gallery, Kimmel Center, and Commerce Square.

Thank you so much to our local exhibition sponsors who have made this exhibition possible: DeFino Law Associates, Davolos Cleaning, The Expressive Hand, and Philly Home Connection!

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There and Now
an invitational exhibition hosted @ DVAA in Gallery 1
(Featuring the work of Kitty Bancroft, Erika Guadelupe Nunez, Marta Sanchez, and Shira Walinsky)

May 15th - 29th
- Public Opening Reception: Wednesday, May 15th, 6- 8 PM
- Panel Discussion: Third Thursday Salon May 16th, 7- 8:30 PM
- Public Closing Reception: Wednesday, May 29th, 6- 8 PM

DVAA is proud to host "There and Now," an exhibition of artwork by Kitty Bancroft, Erika Guadelupe Nunez, Marta Sanchez, and Shira Walinsky (organized by in Gallery 1, which will run concurrently with South Philly: Pretty and Gritty, a juried exhibition in Gallery 2 of artwork by DVAA artist members and non-members.

There and Now is an invitational exhibition which showcases artists who are creating new work which explores memories of place and home -- those left behind and/or those inhabited now. Home could be interpreted as a country, geographic location, or the physical and emotional memories attached to places which have played a significant role in their lives. How they remember these people, places, and things which connect to their notions of “home” is largely dependent upon memory, which is so often fallible (and mutable) over time. Implicit in this is the journey we undertake to establish those places we come to call home and how this journey comes to shape our identities and us.

Civil Disobedience.jpg

Civil Disobedience: Celebrating Queer Narratives -
through June 29th

- Presented by Da Vinci Art Alliance (DVAA)
- Juried by Warren Muller
- Hosted at International House Philadelphia
(Open Hours: 8am–10pm)

Public Opening Reception: April 2nd, 6:00 – 8:00pm

Da Vinci Art Alliance is proud to present Civil Disobedience: Celebrating Queer Narratives, an exhibition of artwork by Philadelphia artists which celebrates the resilience of the LGBTQ+ community. In partnership with Lightbox Film Center, Da Vinci Art Alliance will create the related exhibition of art that celebrates a community which is unafraid to speak its mind.

Coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, this summer, Lightbox Film Center will feature a series of films featuring this pivotal moment in the struggle for LGBTQ civil rights. Just as American history has been broadly shaped by the politics of dissent, affecting everything from our labor laws to foreign policy, protest has continued to shape LGBTQ acceptance and liberation. Along with resistance and protest, the LGBTQ rights movement is also characterized by pride: enduring celebration of identity and love that empowers marginalized and antagonized communities to create change.

Atria April May.jpg

through May 17th

DVAA @ Atria Center City, 150 N 20th Street, 5th floor
Gallery hours: 9am–5pm

This month at Atria, DVAA is happy to present “PORTRAITURE”, a dual exhibition by artists Joe Barbella, and Jordi Sabaté.

Opening Reception: Thursday, April 11th, 2019 4-6pm

Joe Barbella
I graduated from the University of the Arts with a BFA in illustration. Most of my paintings are representational with a concentration in portraitures and still lives. The portraits are not just an attempt to represent a person but also to represent an emotion that arises in the creative process. There is always a story that can be found on the subject’s face. My goal is to project that story onto the canvas or paper. I often use one directional lighting to enhance light and shadow. This can provide drama as well as sculpt the three dimensional architecture of the model’s face. In my oil paintings I like to apply an underlying stucco-like texture in gesso to add teeth to the canvas. My intention for the viewer is to focus completely on the subject matter with no peripheral distractions. Most of the time I provide a clean, uncomplicated, stark and empty environment. This alludes to a tranquil stillness in the painting that not only concentrates on the person at hand but could provide some relief from the overwhelming stimulation of a seemingly complicated world in which we live. If you would like more information about my paintings as well as original music please visit my website:

Jordi Sabaté
As an artist, I am always inspired by the human figure. I have created a series of fictional male portraits that focus on the intimate moment that connects the viewer with an anonymous person. The faces depicted in my pieces emerge from vacant colorful spaces to create the illusion of an intimate moment. My artwork is exploratory. It is a study of the male. The content is not only a purely visual experience; it also provides a powerful sense of excitement.

Atria May and June.jpg

May 23rd - June 28th

DVAA @ Atria Center City, 150 N 20th Street, 5th floor
Gallery hours: 9am–5pm

This month at Atria, DVAA is happy to present SYNERGY, a dual exhibition by artists Rebecca Schultz and Jule Snyder.

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 23rd - 4:00pm-6:00pm

Rebecca Schultz: "Making landscape art is my response to the deep ecological grief I feel, a simultaneous ode to the the natural world and an acceptance of its impermanence. The process of deconstructing and abstracting natural imagery offers me an opportunity to observe and reflect, as well as filtering through my emotional and aesthetic lens. Since 2017, my work has focused on rock formations: rocks seem so immutable, but their creation involves some of the most dynamic and elemental processes on our planet. Many of the rocks featured in my work were formed millions, even billions, of years before humans, and will most certainly outlive us. They invite me to step back and see the immense continuum that we are only a small part of.
The work in this show is inspired by western and southern Ireland, where I traveled in February. I was particularly interested in the longstanding relationship between people and stone in Ireland, and am experimenting with incorporating human-built structures into my work, as well as the fascinating detail found in the rocks I saw there."

Juli (Jule) Snyder is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, art instructor and advocate. She graduated with a BA in Art from Temple University and has been painting almost 20 years. Mainly drawing inspiration from emotion, mysticism and the subconscious, her distinct art is dynamic, evocative and focuses largely on duality and balance. Vivid, bold colors are often juxtaposed with softness and open space. An animal lover and philanthropist, she regularly donates artwork and funds to local charities, fundraisers and rescues.