Looking Forward - Gallery 1
A Da Vinci Art Alliance Members Exhibition

Presented by DVAA - April 4th -15th

"The artist sees what others only catch a glimpse of"
- Leonardo Da Vinci

       In the wake of a tumultuous year we, as artists, nevertheless have a responsibility to explore, challenge, and innovate within our artistic practices and daily lives. Looking Forward will seek to encapsulate this momentum by exhibiting new and exploratory artwork happening in our membership now. DVAA members submitting to Looking Forward were encouraged to send us artwork that is forward thinking or experimental in its undertaking.  This exhibition is open to all forms of artwork, capturing any subject, of any theme, using any artistic discipline.

       In keeping with the theme of this exhibition, Looking Forward will be the first Members Exhibition held in DVAA’s newly renovated (and beautiful) main gallery space! We are very thankful for the accumulated hard work of so many members that helped make this transformation a reality and are excited for the things to come. So let us all take a cue from our organization’s namesake, Leonardo Da Vinci, to be on the forefront of artistic, cultural, and political discourse.

International Constructivism - Gallery 2
Julio Mariño + Ana Vizcarra Rankin

Curated by Dr. Mariola V. Alvarez, Assistant Professor of Art History, Tyler School of Art, Temple University

Hosted @ DVAA - April 4th - 15th

Exploring the continuity of constructivist influences over generations, the work of Uruguayan-American artists Julio Cesar Mariño and Ana Vizcarra Rankin span over six decades of art across international borders and aesthetic evolutions. These two artists share a legacy embodied by Joaquín Torres-García, the great Uruguayan artist who definitively shaped modern and contemporary Latin American art. Mariño and Vizcarra Rankin make art in the space between figuration and abstraction, often challenging the viewer to question what they are seeing, and as a result, the ways the visible world and human knowledge take form. From mapping the planet to imaging the cosmos the exhibition will present artworks across various media.