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DVAA presents 6 week rotating exhibitions of Da Vinci Art Alliance Members’ artwork in the beautiful 5th floor space at Atria Senior Living Center. These exhibitions enliven their space for the residents and provide public exhibition opportunity to our membership.

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This month, DVAA artists Joe Barbella and Jordi Sabaté are showing!

Exhibition dates: April 11th- May 17th

Opening Reception: Thursday, April 11th, 2019 4-6pm

(150 N. 20th Street, Philly)

Joe Barbella:
I graduated from the University of the Arts with a BFA in illustration. Most of my paintings are representational with a concentration in portraitures and still lives. The portraits are not just an attempt to represent a person but also to represent an emotion that arises in the creative process. There is always a story that can be found on the subject’s face. My goal is to project that story onto the canvas or paper. I often use one directional lighting to enhance light and shadow. This can provide drama as well as sculpt the three dimensional architecture of the model’s face. In my oil paintings I like to apply an underlying stucco-like texture in gesso to add teeth to the canvas. My intention for the viewer is to focus completely on the subject matter with no peripheral distractions. Most of the time I provide a clean, uncomplicated, stark and empty environment. This alludes to a tranquil stillness in the painting that not only concentrates on the person at hand but could provide some relief from the overwhelming stimulation of a seemingly complicated world in which we live. If you would like more information about my paintings as well as original music please visit my website:

Jordi Sabaté:
As an artist, I am always inspired by the human figure. I have created a series of fictional male portraits that focus on the intimate moment that connects the viewer with an anonymous person. The faces depicted in my pieces emerge from vacant colorful spaces to create the illusion of an intimate moment. My artwork is exploratory. It is a study of the male. The content is not only a purely visual experience; it also provides a powerful sense of excitement.

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Through our partnership with Atria Senior Living Center, Da Vinci Art Alliance provides mixed media workshops for residents of Atria Senior Living Life Guidance Memory Care Unit.