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DVAA presents 6 week rotating exhibitions of Da Vinci Art Alliance Members’ artwork in the beautiful 5th floor space at Atria Senior Living Center. These exhibitions enliven their space for the residents and provide public exhibition opportunity to our membership.

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Synergy: Rebecca Schultz & Jule Snyder

On View: May 23rd - June 28th, 2019
Opening Reception: Thursday, May 23rd - 4:00pm-6:00pm
150 N. 20th Street, Philadelphia, PA

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Rebecca Schultz
"Making landscape art is my response to the deep ecological grief I feel, a simultaneous ode to the the natural world and an acceptance of its impermanence. The process of deconstructing and abstracting natural imagery offers me an opportunity to observe and reflect, as well as filtering through my emotional and aesthetic lens. Since 2017, my work has focused on rock formations: rocks seem so immutable, but their creation involves some of the most dynamic and elemental processes on our planet. Many of the rocks featured in my work were formed millions, even billions, of years before humans, and will most certainly outlive us. They invite me to step back and see the immense continuum that we are only a small part of.
The work in this show is inspired by western and southern Ireland, where I traveled in February. I was particularly interested in the longstanding relationship between people and stone in Ireland, and am experimenting with incorporating human-built structures into my work, as well as the fascinating detail found in the rocks I saw there."

Jule Snyder is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, art instructor and advocate. She graduated with a BA in Art from Temple University and has been painting almost 20 years. Mainly drawing inspiration from emotion, mysticism and the subconscious, her distinct art is dynamic, evocative and focuses largely on duality and balance. Vivid, bold colors are often juxtaposed with softness and open space. An animal lover and philanthropist, she regularly donates artwork and funds to local charities, fundraisers and rescues.

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Through our partnership with Atria Senior Living Center, Da Vinci Art Alliance provides mixed media workshops for residents of Atria Senior Living Life Guidance Memory Care Unit.