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Da Vinci Art Alliance (DVAA) creates community and supports artists through our exhibitions and programs. We are a  supportive community of artists and creatives focused on capturing the spirit of Leonardo da Vinci. A luminary artist, scientist, architect, engineer, musician, and humanitarian, Da Vinci’s curiosity inspires creativity, innovation and collaboration among our membership. Like Leonardo, we ask big questions, ponder complex ideas, experiment with form and create new ways of engaging with and sharing our art.  All members:

  • Receive a membership I.D. (and up to 20% discounts to select art supply stores!! See below for details.)
  • Have the opportunity to participate in all open member exhibitions (4+ in 2018!) 
  • Receive discounts on all juried exhibitions  
  • Are able to rent the galleries for exhibitions and events
  • Are eligible to participate in all DVAA committees
  • Are listed on the website (with link) and have the opportunity to join our members only Facebook group

Membership provides ongoing support for the individual artists in the Philadelphia area and helps to sustain our community and building. 

Creator Level

Open to artists and patrons of all mediums and backgrounds. 
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For artists and patrons 30 years old or younger. 
Yearly Creator Level Membership