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Not-So-Fast Last Judgement: Celestial Critique of a Retrospective Exhibit

Solo exhibition of work by John James Pron

On View: October 6th -27th
Gallery 2, upstairs @ DVAA

Catholics worldwide come to gather in the huge spectacular magnificence of St Peter’s Basilica in Rome, but upstairs in the Papal Palace is the smallish, private chapel of the popes- the Sistine Chapel. Very similar is the 2-chambered galleries of DVAA - the grand salons downstairs, arranged in sequence versus the tiny meditative upstairs “sanctum”.

Drawing from a repository of 40 years of my drawings, paintings, collages, architectural proposals and constructed buildings, I will install a selection of works to display, not alone, but re- formatted as a point/counterpoint to rendered selections of Michelangelo’s famed Last Judgement.

My opinion has been that most of my oeuvre is serious, responsible, and more than decent, a few are remarkable successes — worthy of long-term recognition — while others are totally embarrassing duds. In Catholic terms, most will linger long-term in a sort of Purgatory, a few will be elevated to heavenly status, while others ought to go straight to hell. The show comprises an installation, a re-imagining of spatial configuration of gallery 2 as a “chapel of meditation”- a place to sit, to view, to absorb, to contemplate the swirling evolution of my career. The saints and angels may have their opinions, as does Lucifer, but it may be premature. I am not yet done. I am not yet dead.

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