Reading Terminal Garden  by Jenn Hallgren

Reading Terminal Garden by Jenn Hallgren

Park & Gardenscapes II

a solo exhibition of works by Jenn Hallgren in Gallery 1
November 3rd - 24th

Painter Jenn Hallgren will exhibit new work for her first solo show at DVAA exploring Philadelphia Park and GardenScapes.

About the Artist: Mostly I'm an oil painter, though I've been known to use just about any medium available at a given moment. I love to paint! It's pretty much all I want to do. I love to paint the world around me and lots of beautiful things. I’m a bit of a formalist — my world is made up of line, color, shape, form, structure, composition and plasticity. And, while I paint from observation, the subject of the painting is not my objective. The process of painting is my objective — the process of how to best use the medium, often oil paint, to create and subjugate form on the two dimensional surface of the canvas.