Garden Party Dec. 13th.jpg

Plant Me Here - Dec. Garden Party
(Hosted at DVAA)

Plant Me Here is an experimental performance collective with whom DVAA is proud to be partnering. Once per quarter, DVAA will host a Plant Me Here event, which may take the form of a "Garden Party," or something entirely different! It's definitely the kind of happening you have to be there for - so join us!

Garden Party is a series of works-in-progress evenings with adjoining art fairs. These events showcase young self-producing and DIY artists in Philadelphia with the goal of creating a safe community for artists to meet Plant Me Here, meet each other, and spawn new avenues for cross-disciplinary collaboration. Garden Party is, in the words of Plant Me Here, fun as hell, safe as hell, and all gushy and warm and positive. We love it. Poetry readings, performances, live music, and art on display - which is also for sale. Be at DVAA on December 13th at 7:30pm!

Curated and produced by Em Arrick

The Dec. 13th Garden Party will be featuring:
Performances by: 
Bailey Roper and Nic Scheppard
Merri Rashoyan
Evelyn Shuker
Jason Rosenberg
Pax Ressler
Kip LaCombe

Poetry Readings by:
Caiti Lattimer
Ciera Gardner
Leigh Marques
Prairie M. Faul 

Music performances by: 
Gracie Martin
Taylor Plas
Marcus Jade
Mack Enemy
Ben Phan

DJ set by:

Screening by:
Hanna Hamilton 

Art Fair featuring:
Rebecca Kirby
Cara Why
Kara Sankus
Matty Terrones
Clarissa Caponera
Ripley Nichols
Troy Memis
Angela Rio
Nico Trevizo
Samantha Millich 

Treats by:
Susanne Collins

$5 at the door goes to support Plant Me Here's upcoming production: "I'm Not Myself Today" and the continued partnership with DVAA. 

$2 beer. 
Event is NOT byob.