Rent our beautiful space in Bella Vista! 

Throw a party. Read a play. Have a meeting. Exhibit your art.

Da Vinci Art Alliance is available for rentals by the hour, week and month. Rental includes ground floor art gallery and kitchen, approximately 650 square feet. Chairs, tables and podium available. Please reach out to us at to get a quote!

RENTER TESTIMONIAL: The team at DVAA was instrumental in the success of our rental/production. As we set out to create an immersive, experimental, non-traditional piece of theatre, the folks at DVAA created an environment of trust and empowerment that enabled the project to reach its full potential. The space itself is full of character, and the rotating installations present throughout our process lent themselves to the themes within our piece in exciting ways. DVAA's location, nestled between densely populated Center City and the trendy Passyunk Avenue, made it the perfect meeting point for a wide range of patrons to experience our adventurous performance. The entire DVAA team were kind, supportive, and generous; they went above and beyond, and I couldn't be more grateful for their invaluable presence in the arts in Philadelphia!

Please reach out to us at to get a quote!