Katherine Bradford, “Fear of Waves” (2015), oil on canvas, 68 x 80 inches, private collection

Katherine Bradford, “Fear of Waves” (2015), oil on canvas, 68 x 80 inches, private collection

Stilled Life

DVAA’s 2019 August Members-Only Exhibition
August 3rd - August 15th

Open to all DVAA members

The DVAA members exhibition entitled Stilled Life will showcase the variety of artwork created within our community that is representational, figurative, or reflective of the observable world in some way. This call for work and exhibition is open to all mediums and modes of creating.

“The plastic artist may or may not be concerned with presenting a superficial appearance of reality, but he is always concerned with the presentation - if not the representation - of the plastic values of reality.” (Hans Hofmann)

Deadline to Submit: July 21st, 11:59pm

DVAA Members: $20

Deadline to Submit: July 21st, 11:59pm
Drop off: July 28th, 12-3pm & July 31st, 12 - 3pm
Reception: August 4th, 1-3pm
Run: August 3rd - August 15th
Pick up: August 18th, 12-3pm & August 21st, 3-6pm

- You may submit 1 artwork.
- All wall hanging artwork must fit within 576 square inches (e.g. a 24" x 24" square, a 12" x 48" rectangle, or any combination of dimensions less than 576 square inches).
- All free standing or pedestal artwork must fit within a 24"x 24"x 24" cube.
- Label the back of your work with your name and title of artwork.
- All artwork must be ready to display.
- Wall hanging pieces must be wired.
- If your work requires any additional apparatus to be shown, it must be provided.

DVAA is responsible for all press releases, listings, price lists, and gallery labels. Your participation is permission to include images of artwork in promotion.
Artwork will be handled with great care, but DVAA is not responsible for loss or damage. Insurance is the responsibility of the artist. When the work is delivered, the Exhibitions Director reserves the right to refuse works that are not ready to be shown because of improper framing, fragility, damage or low quality.
DVAA members receive 80% of sales on artwork and Non-Members receive 70% sold from the exhibition (and as a result of contacts made through DVAA). Payment to the artist will be sent within 30 days.
All artwork must be retrieved during the designated “Pick Up Times” above and cannot leave the gallery early. Artworks left unattended become property of the gallery and may be discarded due to very limited storage space.

For any questions please contact jarrod@davinciartalliance.org.