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Temple of Sirius

October 6th - 27th

The Temple of Sirius is a sacred site of Black Divinity curated by Malachi Lily (alongside Technical Director D’Andre Jarod Smith).

The heavens have aligned to reveal the Temple of Sirius. Come experience the phenomenon and bring offerings to the altars of Black Divinity. Many deities have gathered here and present their forms to you as black bodies, sculpture, digital media, and the paper arts. Join us on October 6th for an opening reception of singing, poetry, and artistic bounty.

The Temple of Sirius is open to the public.

This exhibition is supported by a generous grant from the Joseph Robert Foundation, which Malachi won.

About Me (Malachi Lily):
I am a shapeshifting, nonbinary, black poet, artist, curator, and moth. I connect to the Collective Unconscious via energy work, Active Imagination, mysticism, myth, magic, folklore, and fairy tales. This channelling often takes the form of poetry and illustration but here it becomes curation as I connect to the artist’s energy and work beyond simply aesthetics. I connect artists who are unconsciously vibrating together and use my organizational skills to give them all a space to sing. My curation forms a tangible permeation of a culture of Oneness - living in the reality that we all are manifestations of the same source energy and we all create our realities together. It is my purpose to create space to uplift fellow black artists as gods, to bring balance and truth to our experience. I am a liminal being of race, gender, artistic practice, and existence reclaiming the spiritual body of black and brown people who have been trapped in generational trauma and colonization. My work offers methods to break these individual barriers and reveal the symbols, archetypes, emotions, and lessons that exist in us all as a collective consciousness, to heal, awake, and empower.
maggielily.com @theholyhawkmoth @hawkmothevents.

About the Show:
The Temple of Sirius is a sanctuary in honor of our African astrological ancestry, our divine present, and the future we are crafting, all existing in one moment. This exhibition is a declaration, a war-cry, and a lullaby. Together these voices proclaim that their experience is divine. Their present existence, all in glorious black bodies, is of their own creation; it is holy and infinite. This art is a particular form of self-love, an intimate awareness of a cosmic truth: They are creators. They come as shapeshifters, prophets, oris, ether, and beasts, all holy in their own eyes of god. I did not want to simply place art on walls, but form a place of pilgrimage for all people, but especially black people, with the intention of waking the divinity within the observer in this colorful and meditative place. Marginalization, trauma, and an engrained erasure of who black people truly are, is systemic and generational, but through collectivity within art and expression we can rewrite harmful patterns and remember who we are. Each individual being's experience is a direct manifestation of creation energy and therefore is never alone. Art, as the energy release of our universe, is never a solo process as we are unconsciously connected and influenced by each other, by other realities, by the earth, tangerines, the moon, trout, smog, woven fabric, skyscrapers, gnats, the list is infinite. The energy of each artist and artwork has found each other once again, and even your energy as observer has returned to us, welcome back to the Temple of Sirius.