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There is no shortage of excellent exhibitions and events throughout Philadelphia. DVAA staff and membership will convene at various museums, galleries, and institutions to experience the best of our city’s art scene together.

jaunt /jônt/ - noun
1. a short excursion or journey for pleasure.
synonyms: trip, pleasure trip, outing, excursion, expedition, day trip, day out, mini holiday, short break

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July 17th, 6-8pm: Philadelphia Photo Arts Center

6pm - exhibition preview led by PPAC
About the exhibition: Thinking of a Place investigates the nature of a place through the medium of the photo book. Curated by Josh Brilliant, Thinking of a Place explores how photographs can be made of the familiar and unfamiliar while acknowledging the politics of representing another’s home and culture. With over 100 books from 93 different artists from around the globe, Thinking of a Place is both an exhibition and a reading room. Visitors will have the opportunity to remove each book from the wall for a more intimate experience. Ranging from unique artist books to iconic publications, Thinking of a Place gathers a distinct selection of books that both challenges and illuminates what it means to visually encounter a place.   

7pm - panel discussion
Kris Graves, director of +KGP, in conversation with artists featured in the newly-released book series, Lost II - Panelists: Saleem Ahmed, Andrea Modica, and Shawn Theodore


The Jawnt is free for all DVAA members to attend.