20X20 Powered by Pecha Kucha @ DVAA 
December 9th, 5-7 pm


DVAA is proud to announce the next iteration of our popular Pecha Kucha series, to be held on December 9th, from 5-7 pm.

Pecha Kucha, Japanese for “chit-chat,” is defined by Wikipedia as a presentation style developed in Tokyo in which 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each (6 minutes and 40 seconds in total). The format keeps presentations concise and fast-paced, thus ensuring multiple-speakers have fair and equitable time to speak. 

DVAA’s Pecha Kucha evening will be social, welcoming, and pointedly inclusive - upholding the community centered experience of DVAA. Sushi and beverage included!

The speakers in DVAA’s December Pecha Kucha evening and their presentation topics are as follows:

- David Deakin:  
Stimulated by History  
Fascinated by the Arts  
Baffled by human behavior  
Awed by the planet Earth  
Thus it is a need arises  
To present the images  
Which all begin  
Once upon a mind… 

- Gary Grissom: 

- Taesook Jung: Jung’s aesthetic process focuses on the unity of nature and the human experience. It is derived from East Asian philosophy, this is deeply ingrained into this culture. What sustains the life in nature? Jung has witnessed nature surviving in extremely harsh conditions, almost dying, yet still eventually blossoming, filled with life, it is easily related to the life cycle of human being. This is her fundamental interest of art, the vigorous energy. The deep green scenery of spring and summer feels like energetic youth, full of wonder.

- Eleanor Levie: United We Quilt is a website which I founded in March of 2017: a growing, diverse, online collection of quilted art – soft but potent protest of the policies, practices, and personalities of the Trump Administration. We’re up to about 140 works from more than 100 different fabric artists. 

- Laura Marconi: In her talk titled “UN PASSEIG PER BARCELONA,” Laura will take you on a walk around Barcelona, while she was staying at her artist’s residency JIWAR last March. She will describe what happened during her stay, what was her inspiration for her paintings while questioning how we look at things.

- Laura Mecklenburger: In her talk, Mecklenburger will speak about how she came to work witchcraft openly with her art practice, and what it means to her to craft both the seen and the unseen. She shares some of her background and perspective on art history that has led her to serve the community with this work.

- Alexander Rosenberg: Glass has content inherent to its material properties: memory, absence and presence, seeing the unseen, observing, encapsulating and quantifying the natural world. Manipulating hot glass creates a literal recording of a series of movements - a dimensional snapshot freezing as it solidifies from a molten state. If I reproduce an ancient vessel perfectly, I am also reenacting a series of movements made by a craftsperson hundreds (or sometimes thousands) of years before me. The resulting tactile and emotional connection to the past is at the root of my practice and seems directly related to other research practices.

- Susan Summerton: Exposed: the body as art. I transform ordinary xrays into original works of art. Through this process comes the realization that beneath our different skin, we are all the same. 

Price (includes sushi snacks and refreshments) for tickets: 

GENERAL ADMISSION: $25 in advance / $30 at the door
STUDENTS (with valid student ID): $10
DVAA MEMBERS: $20 in advance / $25 at the door