ART et al

DVAA Members Exhibition

On View: April 14th - 28th
Reception: April 14th, 12pm-3pm
Both Galleries 1&2 @ DVAA

The Greek word polymath describes a person whose expertise spans a significant number of subject areas, known to draw on complex bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems. Leonardo Da Vinci is of course among the most famous polymaths making vast strides in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, astronomy, and the arts. DVAA's favorite Renaissance inventor inspires this April's members exhibition titled, Art et al.

 As Da Vinci Art Alliance members, we all share our love for the arts. This common thread binds our community as individual artists and as an organization. However DVAA members are more than simply artists, we are creative thinkers with a wealth of diverse knowledge informed by a staggering variety of professions, skills, life experiences, hobbies, interests, and backgrounds. The sum of these factors create an artist and informs the content of their artwork. This members exhibition will highlight these aspects of your artistic lives. How do your unique experiences inform your artwork?