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Learn about local plants found in the community at Palumbo Park by making art through botanical illustrations and rubbings!


Come together to cultivate relationships with neighbors while slowing yourself down from the fast pace of city living by directly observing/engaging with plant life while making art.

Activities: tactile leaf rubbings and observational botanical illustrations for different skill-levels and inclusion of all ages/experience!

"Art al Fresco" provides a connection between art and real-world experiences to show that a diverse range of subjects are linked in unique ways. Participants will have a choice between two activities that include an art lesson alongside an introduction to botany by learning about the local plants of Palumbo Park. By making tactile plant rubbings and botanical illustrations, participants will be studying and documenting local plant life at the same time that they are making art.

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Led by visual artist Sarah Heyward, Gardener for John Bartram Association Mandy Katz, and DVAA Exhibitions and Programming Director Bryant Girsch.

All participants will first be introduced to a tactile plant rubbings as this activity is suitable to all ages and skill-levels. Participants will learn about the names of local plants through a brief walk through the park. The surrounding art activity will utilize art materials to make “rubbings” of various leaves found on the ground. All rubbings will be made from plants that have fallen and are no longer alive to preserve the park.

The second proposed activity for participants is to make focused botanical illustrations from an observational drawing technique lesson. While similar to the documentation of rubbings, this activity differs in that participants have to draw from observation to create an image. Drawing plants from life allows people with a stronger skill set to learn about the environment while thinking about various art subjects. Questions?