At Sunset  by Colleen Brand

At Sunset by Colleen Brand

Beyond the Horizon

a solo exhibition of work by Colleen Brand in Gallery 2
December 1st - 21st

This exhibit is inspired by colors and landscapes found in nature. In my abstract paintings, I explore the horizon line and then move beyond that space, sometimes obliterating that sense of horizon entirely, other times shifting its focus in the piece.

My paintings allow me to play with color and sense of space, then see how those elements can be carried throughout a piece, yet convey something different in each work. I use acrylic paint and various mediums, choosing colors intentionally to add meaning. By applying those colors in layers with unique combinations of tools - as traditional as a palette knife or as whimsical as bamboo skewers or handmade instruments - Iā€™m able to break up fields of color and bring movement to a piece.