Open Call for 2018 Exhibitions

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Open Call for 2018 Exhibitions


SUBMISSION DEADLINE- May 31st, 2017 midnight

For DVAA members only who want to exhibit in 2018

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Hello Members,

We are now accepting proposals for our 2018 exhibitions from our membership. This call for proposals is for our Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday open gallery hours. The exhibitions will be rentals that are chosen by our exhibition committee and based on availability. We do our best to create exhibition opportunities for our members within a limited calendar. To apply please fill out the online form and send between 1-5 supportive images to We ask for a $5 processing fee- please read the details below. 


SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 5/31 at midnight


We ask for a 30% deposit upon notification of accepted proposals. There is a $5 application processing fee.

2018 | New Possibilities

For the 2018 season DVAA will transform into an incubator space for artists, curators and creatives alike to support experimental works, allow for unique creative experiences, and debut new work.  Together we will innovate, imagine and invent. 

As a member you may propose an exhibition that possibly is your first 

  • time exhibiting work ever

  • time exhibiting a new body of work

  • solo exhibition

  • curatorial experience

  • experimental work

  • time attempting a process/concept etc..

  • Or a first that we didn’t even mention!



  • During every month we schedule multiple public and private programs, this provides opportunities and resources for our members and brings other audiences into the space. If this is not possible during your proposed exhibition please state that in your proposal.

  • Insurance of artwork during rental is the responsibility of the artist

  • This is for our normal open gallery hours Wednesday 6-8pm, Saturday & Sunday 1-5pm. 

  • Our exhibitions normally open on the first Wednesday of every month and close the last Wednesday of every month. 



  • Online marketing support (blog, social media, instagram)
  • Press release construction and distribution
  • Access to our audience and mailing list
  • Access to our kitchen and some supplies for exhibition opening and special events

  • A variety of tables and pedestals for use

  • Ability to work with staff to implement additional programming focused around the exhibition

  • Brief guidance in curating (if requested)

  • Staff curator (additional cost)

  • Brief guidance in install (if requested)

  • Staff install (additional cost)

  • Tools (if requested)

  • Hardware (additional cost)

  • Brief guidance on graphics, artist statement, additional promotional material (if requested)

  • Personalized graphics, artist statement, postcards (additional cost)

  • Ability to process credit cards for sales - artist/renter keeps 80% of all sales

If you have any questions, please contact



  • pop-up - $350- (normally 4 day over a weekend)

  • 2 week - $550

  • month - $995 (opens first Wednesday and closes last Wednesday)