Open Call for 2019 Exhibitions

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Open Call for 2019 Exhibitions


SUBMISSION DEADLINE - June 1st, 2018, at midnight

For DVAA members only who want to exhibit in 2019
or become a member first here and then submit!)

Click the blue link to find out more information! 


Da Vinci Art Alliance (DVAA) wants to host your creative project!

In 2019, we want to challenge our membership to become even more intensely passionate about their artistic tendencies.  In addition to submitting images for scheduled All-Member Shows, are you developing a new body of work that deserves its own solo show?  Might you be interested in pairing up with another artist?  Might you dream of curating a like-minded team of fellow artists?  Do you want to experiment in a wildly new creative direction or even explore new mediums?  Alternatively, might you present a retrospective of a substantial career in the arts?  With two beautifully renovated gallery spaces, DVAA definitely wants you to show with us.

Proposals will be reviewed by our Exhibitions Committee, and all shows will be scheduled based on available dates and content.  With a larger and a smaller gallery, the Committee will do its best to create a diverse, stimulating, and balanced selection of shows throughout the year.  

To apply please fill out the online form (Click the "Submit" button) and send between 1-5 supportive images to There is a  a $15 processing fee - please read the details below. 


SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 6/1 at midnight

NOTIFICATION of acceptance: Late Summer 2018.

We ask for a 30% deposit upon notification of accepted proposals. 


  • During every month we schedule multiple public and private programs, this provides opportunities and resources for our members and brings other audiences into the space. If this is not possible during your proposed exhibition please state that in your proposal.

  • Insurance of artwork during rental is the responsibility of the artist

  • These exhibitions are for our normal open gallery hours Wednesday 6-8pm, Saturday & Sunday 1-5pm. 

  • Month-long exhibitions normally open on the first Wednesday of every month and close the last Wednesday of every month. 

  • *First priority will be given for one month exhibitions



  • Online marketing support (blog, social media, instagram)
  • Press release construction and distribution
  • Access to our audience and mailing list
  • Access to our kitchen and some supplies for exhibition opening and special events
  • A variety of tables and pedestals for use
  • Ability to work with staff to implement additional programming focused around the exhibition
  • Brief guidance in curating (if requested)
  • Staff curator (additional cost)
  • Brief guidance in install (if requested)
  • Staff install (additional cost)
  • Tools (if requested)
  • Hardware (additional cost)
  • Brief guidance on graphics, artist statement, additional promotional material (if requested)
  • Personalized graphics, artist statement, postcards (additional cost)
  • Ability to process credit cards for sales - artist/renter keeps 80% of all sales

If you have any questions, please contact


  • Gallery 1 month - $1195
  • Gallery 1 two-weeks - $750


  • Gallery 2 one month - $795
  • Gallery 2 two weeks - $550


*First priority will be given for one month exhibitions