The City & The Sea - July 6th - 21st
Eric Schaeffer, Hosted @DVAA in Gallery 2 - in tandem with an exhibition at Jed Williams Gallery

(UPDATE: The co-exhibit at JWG is now delayed until further notice due to unforeseen circumstances.)

Opening reception: July 6th, 6-8pm @ DVAA

"My City and Sea images are a study in contrasting forms, shapes and colors. The views of the Atlantic Ocean seem endless on the shores of Long Beach Island. I find a certain serenity watching the sand and sea fade off into the horizon when walking along the coast. These peaceful scenes are a reminder of nature’s beauty. I have a contrasting feeling of place while walking the streets of old Philadelphia. Instead of endless vistas I am drawn to scenes just across the street. The interplay of rectangles and sharp lines of the man made world are softened by age and become a foil for nature asserting itself when tree shadows are cast onto building facades. The Sea, completely natural and the City seemingly opposite but still connected to nature." 
     - Eric Schaeffer