At DVAA, we think that our members should take precedence in shaping our community. 
That's why committees are comprised of any and all DVAA members that would like to get more involved in a specific aspect of the organization and dedicate some time to making our community stronger -- and our mission more concretely felt.  The ideas generated at committee meetings are then brought to our Board of Directors for the sake of ensuring that things can happen in a fiscally responsible, logistically feasible manner. 

If you would like to contribute your ideas and voice to one of the committees below, email us at info@davinciartalliance.org!


Building Committee
This committee's goal is to make improvements to DVAA's building in alignment with DVAA Board's strategic plan for the use of the space into the future. The Building Committee scopes out maintenance, repair, and improvement projects that need to be done to the DVAA building, prioritizes these projects, creates budgets for them - to be approved by the DVAA Board, gets estimates for any contracted work (and then manages outside contractors), and provides ongoing volunteer work hours to maintain the building as DVAA's primary/owned asset.

   Co-chairs: Martha Carey and Mike Pavol   
  Alden Willard Cole 
  Bryant Girsch  (Exhibitions and Programming Director)
  Laura Marconi
  Phyllis Anderson
Jarrod Markman  (Executive Director)

Exhibition Committee
The Exhibitions Committee supports DVAA's  essential mission of staging professional, thoughtful and stimulating exhibitions that reinforce its sense of community.  Specifically, it solicits broad-based feedback from the membership as it recommends an annual sequence of gallery shows: All-Member, Open Calls, and Rentals- suggesting venues (upstairs, downstairs and International House), supporting Opening Receptions, engaging highly qualified jurors and sponsoring prizes and honors.

   Co-chairs:  John James Pron
   Bill Brookover
   Samantha Connors
   Kit Donnelly
   Uta Fellechner
Bryant Girsch  (Exhibitions and Programming Director)
   Willard Johnson                                 
   Jessica Jane Julius  (Advisory Board Member)
   Sandra Koberlein  (Board Member)
   Jarrod Markman  (Executive Director)
   Edna Santiago 
Danielle Degon

Membership and Development Committee
The Membership and Development Committee ensures the ongoing growth and diversity of DVAA’s membership community through active member recruitment and and fund diversification.

 Co-chairs:  Linda Dubin Garfield (Membership) and Jenn Hallgren (Development)
Sandi Lovitz (Board Member)
   Roz Bloom
   Sarah Bloom
   Ona Kalstein  (Board Secretary)
   Jarrod Markman  (Executive Director)