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About the Program:

Founded by 9 Italian immigrant artists in 1931, Da Vinci Art Alliance (DVAA) has continuously served as a space of creative refuge. Among the founders were Emidio D’Angelo, painter and cartoonist; Severo Antonelli,  photographer; Giacomo Colombo, architect; Henry Coscia, architect; Nicolo D’Ascenzo, stained glass artist and first President of the Da Vinci Alliance; Giuseppe Donato, sculptor; Domenico D’Imperio, sculptor; Earnest Lapatino, illustrator; Luigi Maraffi, sculptor; Frank and Anthony Martino, painters, Alex Papale, framemaker; Joseph Primavera, violin maker; Armando Ricci, interior architect; Cesare Ricciardi, portrait artist; and Jules Scalella, commercial artist. This impressive gathering selected a name to honor the famed genius Leonardo of Vinci.  

Membership in the Da Vinci Alliance was initially limited to male artists and artisans of Italian extraction.  Between the beginning of World War II and 1996 there was little activity at Da Vinci Art Alliance. In 1997 artist, Kathryn Pannepacker breathed new life into the organization by taking up residency in the building, renovating the gallery space, and establishing a web presence for the institution. Under her leadership Da Vinci Art Alliance was reborn.

Inspired by the vision of DVAA founders, The Da Vinci Fellowship Program was created in 2018 to better serve the DVAA Membership and the evolving arts communities throughout Philadelphia. The two tracks funded by the Joseph Robert Foundation are named for founding member, Severo Antonelli, and local arts leader, Kathryn Pannepacker. The Da Vinci Fellowship program builds off of our founding mission by annually supporting Philadelphia-based artists, curators and DVAA members. This opportunity opens up our space to perspectives and artists who could not otherwise afford our rental fees. These fellowship tracks further open DVAA’s doors to under-represented voices, innovative ideas, and artistic exploration.

Call for Fellows:

The Severo Antonelli Fellow
An opportunity for a Philadelphia-based artist to present a solo show of their artwork.

The Kathryn Pannepacker Fellow
An opportunity for an emerging, Philadelphia- based curator to develop an exhibition exploring social, political, or cultural content that engages local communities.

Proposal fee: Free for DVAA Members and $20 for non members

Deadline: December 1st, 2019

The Da Vinci Fellowship Program is made possible by DVAA Membership Dues,
Artist & Craftsman Supply, and a generous grant from the Joseph Robert Foundation.