DOSE: Visual Art Inspired by Sonics

Exhibitions runs July 28th - 30th

Opening reception July 28 from 7-11pm

Gallery hours Saturday & Sunday 1-5pm

curator NILE OVERTON | photography JARED PIPER | print DAVID MOY | painting JUSTIN DUMAS 

DOSE is a show inspired by the music of recording artist THA RIVA from his upcoming project Audio Capsule 001, which takes on the concept of a capsule collection and reforms it in the medium of an EP. DOSE is taking on the same idea, and transferring into physical space, by featuring three visual art mediums in…Print, Paint and Photography. Each artist featured, David Moy, Justin Dumas, and Jared Piper have all collaborated with the young artist in some capacity and will be sharing their works in this visual capsule collection. With them each contributing small portions of their work, the viewer will be receiving a dosage of each visual art style being displayed. Encapsulating the entire show, the music from Audio Capsule 001 will also be performed live for the very first time.