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Looking Forward - April 4th -15th
A Da Vinci Art Alliance Members Exhibition

Open Call to DVAA Members
"The artist sees what others only catch a glimpse of"
- Leonardo Da Vinci

       In the wake of a tumultuous year we, as artists, nevertheless have a responsibility to explore, challenge, and innovate within our artistic practices and daily lives. Looking Forward will seek to encapsulate this momentum by exhibiting new and exploratory artwork happening in our membership now. DVAA members submitting to Looking Forward are encouraged to send us artwork that is forward thinking or experimental in its undertaking.  Are you working on a new body of work, introducing new processes or mediums into your repertoire, or concerned with ideas that are critical of contemporary artistic conventions? We urge you to apply. This exhibition is open to all forms of artwork, capturing any subject, of any theme, using any artistic discipline.

       In keeping with the theme of this exhibition, Looking Forward will be the first Members Exhibition held in DVAA’s newly renovated (and beautiful) main gallery space! We are very thankful for the accumulated hard work of so many members that helped make this transformation a reality and are excited for the things to come. So let us all take a cue from our organization’s namesake, Leonardo Da Vinci, to be on the forefront of artistic, cultural, and political discourse.


Submission deadline:  March 4th, midnight
Artwork Drop-off:  March 25th, 11am-1pm and 28th 6-8pm
Opening reception:   April 4th, 6pm - 8pm
Exhibition dates:   April 4th - 15th
Artwork pick up:   April 15th, 5pm - 8pm

Katherine Kurtz
Jonghyun Kwon
Alan Lankin
Sunjin Lee
Sandi Lovitz
Gregory Maier
Patricia Mancini
James Morton
Bill Myers
Mario Nascati
Lauren Nicole
Arthur B Ostroff
Mike Pavol
Susan Richards
Marilyn Rodriguez
Emily Rogers
Barbara B. Rosin
Brian Palmieri
Orlando Saverino-Loeb
Eric Schaeffer
Blake Sieminski
James Strickler
Rachael Switalski
Oona Taper
Warren Veith
Ted Warchal
Jacqueline O. Young

Participating artists include:

Phyllis Anderson
Angelo Benedetto
Leslie Brill
Bill Brookover
Matthew Cohen
Alden Cole
Luke Desmone
Barbara Dirnbach
Kit Donnelly
Thom Duffy
Judy Engle
Linda Dubin Garfield
Frank Gaydos
Pia De Girolamo
Marvin Greenbaum
Gary Grissom
Sunjeon Grissom
Jenn Hallgren
Louise Herring
Laila Islam
Lindsay Jamison
Willard Johnson
Ona Kalstein
Floyd Kelley
Sandra Koberlein
Sam Koren
Andrea Krupp