Pareidolic Expanses - August 25th - September 12th
Orlando Saverino-Loeb

Hosted @ DVAA, Gallery 2

I make paintings that stem from an exploration of what a visual primary source would be. With a primary source, the eye is always editing the experience. I started out by creating a series of blind contour drawings, often using ‘impossible tools’ like nails, hammers, and cloth, etc. Using the drawing rules of proportion and perspective, I started to see images and patterns in the paintings–the result of a first-person interaction with the hand. I made those (contour) drawings for a while, and then I started using an airbrush to increase the speed and fluidity of the work on large-scale canvases. Over time, I found a new infatuation with interacting with the viewer. I stopped talking about the paintings and listened, instead, to what people were saying about the work. People would change their interpretation of what they were seeing the more they looked at the work. I started moving away from blind contour drawing, by using them more as a skeleton, on which I would paint the skin of the painting. I began to believe that the painting itself was less important than what people saw. I began to think, “How can I make a painting that eliminates what I want to force on the viewer?” I wanted to give more power to the viewer, because I’ve always thought that the viewer is more important than the painter. For this show I wanted to give a potential viewer the chance to really dive into a few of the larger works that I have created, and lose themselves in the world that they may see in the paintings.