Solo exhibition by Emily Paige Townsend

On View: July 7th - 28th
Reception: July 12th, 6pm - 8pm
Gallery 2, upstairs @ DVAA

As a life-long artist, I was naturally drawn to the medium of photography at a young age. To me, photography is the art of painting with light and a profound way to share my perspective through shapes and stories. I've decided to tile my collection, "Penumbra." These photographs have an intentional tone of ambivalence; neither telling a story nor denying one. Like an eclipse that is constantly moving between worlds darkness and light. My subjects pose through empty narratives as notes of surrealist and contemporary photography meet cliche horror tropes. The body of work introduces a sense of strong character, captures the feigned product of limbo and perhaps provides evidence that expression can exist somewhere in-between light and shadow.