Host a private event in our beautiful Bella Vista space! 

Thank you so much for your interest in hosting your special, private event at the Da Vinci Art Alliance!  We are a newly renovated arts and culture organization housed in a historic row home in Bella Vista and are excited to work with you to ensure that your special event is memorable. We provide an incredibly unique location to enhance your private events and are excellent for small gatherings, parties, corporate retreats, boutique events and more.

As an active, local gallery, there is almost always local, affordable and engaging art in the building.  This provides additional appeal and decoration to your private event.

DVAA has several rentable spaces, including the ground floor art gallery, second floor art gallery, small kitchen, and backyard - when combined, the space is approximately 1500 square feet.  We are available for rentals by the hour, week, and month. Please contact us for information about pricing.

Available Spaces
We have two spaces available to be rented for private events: the main gallery space on the first floor and the second floor gallery. These spaces can be rented together or independently. Please note - if you rent the space while there is a previously scheduled exhibition, the art will remain in the space.  This often provides a visually stimulating element to your private event.

Main Gallery: Our main gallery space is the entire first floor of our building.  A great, wide open space equipped with hardwood floors and beautiful windows, the main gallery is oftentimes used as an exhibition space.  

This space can accommodate up to 75 people standing, 30 seated.

Second Floor Gallery: Our second floor gallery space, while still spacious and lofty, provides a more intimate setting than the main gallery.  This space can provide beautiful and different space for corporate and board meetings, as well as other small discussions.  

This space can accommodate up to 25 people standing, 10 seated.


Along with providing a beautiful space for your event, DVAA can also provide an assortment of additional amenities.  Below is a list of what we have at our disposal on site. If there are any questions, please feel free to ask.

  • (3) folding 6-foot tables

  • (2) long, thin tables

  • (65) folding chairs

  • Access to a full kitchen for preparation/storage

  • Projector and screen (please note - this comes at an extra cost of $100)

Frequently Asked Questions

How accessible is the space, within ADA Guidelines?

  • Unfortunately, due to the age of the space, we are not accessible via wheelchair.  Steps are required to enter the space, and the restroom is up a flight of stairs.

Is there parking provided onsite?

  • We have a fair amount of street parking near the venue.  Additionally, we can discuss renting spots in a partner lot with a separate agreement.

What is DVAA’s alcohol policy?

  • We require that all alcohol be accompanied by a TIPS Certified bartender, and that all alcohol selections and bartenders be approved at least 30 days prior to the event.

Does DVAA have an exclusive caterer?

  • DVAA does not have an exclusive or in house caterer.  We do ask that all catering decisions be DVAA at least 30 days prior to the event.  If necessary, we can provide a list of caterers to you.

What if I have to cancel my event?

  •  If you cancel 3 months or more ahead of your event, all of your fees will be refunded.  If you cancel 2 months in advance, we will keep 50% of your rental fee. If you cancel less than 1 month in advance, we will keep the entirety of your rental fee.  This does not include the security deposit.