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South Street from the 90’s

a solo exhibition hosted @ DVAA

An exhibition of new mixed-media sculptures by Phoebe Murer using nostalgic landscapes to address displacement and gentrification along South Street in Philadelphia.

Exhibition runs: November 3rd - November 24th 2019
- Public Opening Reception: November 3rd 1-3pm
- Gallery 2, upstairs @ DVAA
- After party @Tattoed Mom 3pm

DVAA is proud to host South Street from the 90’s, a solo exhibition of mixed-media works by DVAA member Phoebe Murer opening November 3rd at 1pm.  Phoebe uses layered paper and boxes to create sculptures that address how gentrification can destroy the personality of the neighborhood. Due to rising rent and the struggle of small-business owners to keep up, South Street in Philadelphia looks and feels very different than it did in the 1990’s. TLA video, Tower Records, Pearl Paint, Zipperhead, Soho, and Book Trader are just a few of the small businesses that have been re-developed during the most recent phase of gentrification in Philadelphia. Phoebe Murer’s process of layering and recycling old materials into nostalgic landscapes preserves the memories of a space before the influence of forign investment. In the upstairs gallery at Da Vinci Art Alliance, Phoebe Murer’s 3D collages will bring some of the distant culture back to South Street.

After the opening reception at DVAA, there will be an after-party at Tattood Mom where the community is invited to color 90’s-inspired line drawings and purchase screen prints by Phoebe Murer. In addition to this activity, Instagram handle “southstreetinthe90s” will be accepting and publishing crowd-sourced images of South Street as it was in the 1990’s.

Associate Exhibition Sponsors: Tattooed Mom and Infinite Body Piercing

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Phoebe Murer is a mixed media artist and writer born and raised in Philadelphia. She received her Certificate of Fine Arts at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Painting and a bachelors in Psychology/ Pre-Art Therapy at Arcadia University. She has assisted in and led art activities at many schools and centers. She is currently a graduate student at Arcadia University obtaining a Masters in English/Creative Writing. She does paid and volunteer commissions, and gives tailor made art lessons. Phoebe Murer has shown work at Holy Family, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Metropolitan Cafe, Julia Roberts Gallery, DaVinci Art Alliance, Plastic Club, Mount Airy Art Garage, Plastic Club, Trenton Art Works and many more places.